Book Review

Do you have a department that does book reviews? I have written a book of poetry called ‘Waltzing with my Heart’. It is different than most modern day poetry as mine rhymes, has rhythm and is very easy to understand. The gal that illustrated my chapter pages is a life long friend. We went all through school together and have been friends since the first day of Kindergarten. A lot of love went into the writing of this book and it is definitely a project that was built from the heart. There is a sample poem on my website at: which changes once a week if you want to keep checking back, that will give you a feel for the kind of poetry I write. I would be grateful if you’d do a book review for me. All you have to do is contact the publisher at: or fax: 301-631-9073 and request a complimentary copy of Lori Clough’s ‘Waltzing with my Heart’ ISBN: 1-4137-7656-6. Tell them which newspaper you work for and that you would like a copy of my book to review. Thank you for your time and help it is appreciated! Sincerely, Lori Clough P.O. Box # 7 Culbertson, NE 69024