Need help locating NKU student met at Bonnaroo

Dear Editor,

You probably don’t get e-mails like this, but I have few resources and thought you might be able to help out. I met an NKU student by the name of Chris at Bonnaroo ’05 this year, and we got separated before exchanging contact information. We’d planned to spend the rest of Sat. together so we thought there was plenty of time later for us to go over details … like last names, for instance. There was an incredible crowd and we lost each other after a Yonder concert.

All I know is his name is Chris, he was with his friend Mark from work, and he’ll be a Jr. at NKU this year with a psych major… and he’s a huge Dave Matthews fan. Is there a way I can post an message on some type of campus message board, or run an ad in your newpaper’s “personals” with the header “Seeking Chris from Bonnaroo”? I’m at a loss what to do and would like to make contact with him again.

If you need more info about the ad, Bonnaroo or anything, let me know.

Thanks for any advice, Bren Allison