New Degree Offerred: B.A. of Liberal Professor’s opinions.

I was very disappointed to miss the graduation ceremony at the conclusion of last spring’s semester because I had several friends who were graduating but like most of our student body, I had to work. I was surprised to find that the keynote speaker, Helen Thomas was booed because of some political comments that she made openly in the speech. I have had enough. I am fed up with the political opinions being placed upon students constantly without need. I can understand a political science class to discuss politics and the professor to give insight from personal opinions based on facts or experience but, some professors go too far. I am a political science major and I understand the necessity of differing opinions for variety but sometimes it is a little much. I took a class with Dr. Hewan for international politics and honestly looked forward to the class even though I had heard stories about his extreme thinking. I am a fat, loud, white, Republican but I am respectful to all unless I am disrespected. It didn’t take long for Dr. Hewan to achieve that. I was called a “pea-brain” and constantly singled out even when I chose to make no comments. I used a tape recorder because Dr. Hewan speaks very quickly with a Jamaican accent that you don’t hear everyday. For this action, the class was told that the department sent people in to his classes to “get him in trouble.” I dropped the class after receiving a low grade on my first exam which I felt confident that I had aced. There is no way that I can prove that I received a lower grade for my opinions, nor did I try, but I felt like I was not allowed to express my opinions without consequences. Even in non-political classes like Logic and Biology, I have heard professors comment on politics inappropriately on both the conservative and liberal spectrum that did not relate to the class. One of my friends said, “Sometimes you have to sacrifice your opinions for your GPA.” It is sad but true. Should you have to sacrifice your morals and beliefs for a higher GPA? No. I am here to learn the facts, not a politically biased agenda; conservative, liberal, or otherwise. I don’t want to graduate with a degree that is titled; B.A. of Liberal Professor’s opinions.