Got a dirty little secret?

Got a dirty little secret?

Shadowbox Cabaret does – actually they have 10.

Shadowbox’s spring show, which opened March 16, has 10 new skits that explore the desperate measures people will go through for friends, to be prom queen or to get a kiss during a game of truth or dare.

The house band BillWho? began the spring show with their rendition of “Papa was a Rolling Stone.” The funky sound of the guitar clashing with the seriousness of the ensemble’s black costumes allowed this opening number to draw-in the audience.

Falling in the shadow of the opening song, the skit “Oh, Look at Me I have Friends, by Mike Nelson,” received few laughs. Sam Schneider portrayed a husband jealous of his wife’s elite social status. With Schneider’s obvious ploy for audience laughter, his pauses were unnatural and distracting which made this skit not the best one to begin the line-up.

The first of two “Jason’s Scary Stories” skits picked up the laughs the opening skit didn’t receive. This running shadowbox series, performed by Mitchell Stallons and Robbie Nance, delivered slapstick humor as well as nice stage action.

With the audience’s laughter still filling the room after the skit, a faux promotion began on the stage. The skit appealed to any woman who has ever wanted complete obedience from her husband. The actors demonstrated the effects Manhandler Services through the beating a husband, played by Robbie Nance. The manhandling Erin Spears cracked her whip and made Nance beg and say sweet phrases to his wife.

Sagging breasts, a group of competitive, slightly ditzy, high school girlfriends and an amazing exit song filled the remainder of the first half.

“Her Royal Majesty” skit followed bringing the audience’s attention to the skit stage with loud pre-teen screams and giggles. This skit portrayed the competition at a senior prom for the queen title. With the high-pitched squeals becoming annoying, the skit seemed to last abnormally long.

“Little Help from my Friends,” the song closing the first act, showed the best of the singers and house band. This sealed the act with a nice rock spin on an old classic.

The best performance, visually and musically, of the night opened the second act. With zombie-like dancing from eight cast members, amazing music and strong vocals from Shae Hornback, Mark Slack and Lauren Good, this number brought a completely different mood to the second act with “#1 Crush.” The second half filled the stage with more “Scary Stories,” the Michael Jackson classic “Billie Jean” and a skit to make everyone wonder how innocent their parents really are.

“The Parent Trip” was filled with Woodstock references, drug remembrance and an overall nostalgic scene between two parents and their son. This skit turns dull parents into cool ones with crazy stories of the ’70s.

With a dark and heavy feeling, the song “Who are You” closed the performance. The vocals not only allowed the song to excel, but the musical aspect had a better production than the original. With two electric guitars, bass guitar, keyboard, drums and other percussion instruments, the song had a meatier feeling. The emotion in this song encompassed all of the different ‘secrets’ reveled throughout the show and brings the performance full circle.

“Dirty Little Secrets” opened March 16 and will finish performances May 14.