Homegrown support for the STV

The Single Transferable Vote (STV) represents a golden and likely unique opportunity to ensure that, as Abraham Lincoln hoped, “a vote for the people by the people” shall not — in our provincial circumstances — perish under the weight of elite, vested interests and their spin doctors. But seeing that the STV campaign is strapped for cash and that ( just like money) advertising talks, STV supporters might consider “homegrown advertising”. How about digging out some of those inexpensive lapel pins so often used as a means of introduction in various groups? They are cheap and easy to obtain, and most of us already have some lying around just waiting to be recycled. How about creating your own individualized “Vote YES for the STV” sticker and that way publicizing the merits of the Single Transferable Vote? It may be a long time before we get another such chance to support genuinely democratic, representative government where everyone’s vote counts.

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