Make good use of summer

Semesters always seem to fly by quickly. They seem to go by quicker and quicker each time. With another passing school year comes the summer break. We have always had summer breaks since kindergarten, but summer break in college is especially nice. You have the freedom of being an adult and a lot of leisure time. This is a great power that you only have a few times in your life. Take advantage of it.

Some people want to work all summer long. Get a job and make lots of money. I tried that one summer. I worked at Great American Insurance downtown. I remember that day.

The great college road trip is always a fun summer time activity. Getting a few friends together and hitting the road to go see a concert or a weekend camping trip. While on the road, you form a mountain of Burger King bags, and you find out who has the worst body smells imaginable. It doesn’t matter who you bring with you, odor has a way of sneaking up on you. You could have an elegant runway model in the back seat of your car, but after three hours on the highway, you would have to roll down the windows and shriek, “Claudia, what did you eat? You smell like a desert outhouse.”

Riding on long road trips isn’t all about bad smells. You can play fun games along the way as well. Games such as name that song on the radio, Truth or Dare, or my favorite, “Who is that touching me?” These are all great games to help pass the time.

For those of you who don’t feel like going far away from home, there are still fun activities to do while in town. Try going to see a movie at your local drive-in theater. Take a date out for an evening under the stars, how romantic. Of course, you could do what I do, get drunk out of your mind and end up throwing up in front of the Smith family, and ruining their family night out. Either way, you will be putting a smile on someone’s face.

What is summer with out a pool party/cookout? Get your friends together, and enjoy an afternoon in the sun. I remember last Fourth of July when my buddies and I threw a party at our place. All of our friends came out and we had a great time, shooting off fireworks and drinking beers. We later found out that those two items don’t belong together. I know Four-Toed Willie won’t soon forget.

It has been a great school year, Norse. I really enjoyed talking to anyone who read my articles. It was much appreciated, and hopefully I made you laugh. Whether you are graduating or have a few more years to go, have fun this summer and the best of luck to you. Thanks a lot Norse, and study and vacation with caution.

Matt Stanton is a junior liberal arts major at NKU and a stand-up comedian. You can contact Matt at