Powell not indicted on rape charge

On April 14, a Campbell County grand jury decided not to indict Michael Powell, the 20-year-old Northern Kentucky University student who was charged with and arrested for rape Feb. 24.

Powell made an uncommon decision to go before the grand jury without the benefit of an attorney to answer questions from the jurors and a prosecuting attorney.

Grand juries meet in secret, and their reasonings are not made public. However, Burr Travis, Powell’s criminal attorney, said he believes the grand jury did not indict Powell because they were able to see his physical stature and determine that he would not have been able to commit the crime.

According to a police report, Powell pinned the woman to his dorm room bed and raped her.

Meanwhile, Powell is still suspended from university housing and is living with a friend. Tom Goeke, Powell’s civil attorney, said he has not yet set up a disciplinary hearing with the Dean of Students to determine whether Powell can move back into his dorm.

Goeke said he is still looking for ways to get Powell back on campus and expects to do so before the end of the semester.