Hot Seat with Rick Wood


In this week’s Hot Seat, John interviews NKU baseball pitcher Rick Wood. Wood is a senior on this year’s baseball team.

John Rasp: Why did you transfer from Kentucky Wesleyan? Rick Wood: I transferred because it was getting too expensive to go to school down there and since I broke my ankle and couldn’t play there was no reason for me to be down there.

JR: Do you think that if you were to bat this weekend against Kentucky Wesleyan they would throw at you? RW: No. Not anymore. Most of the guys I played with are gone. Last year, I probably would have gotten a brush back pitch.

JR: If a guy were to charge the mound on you, what would be your strategy? RW: Honestly, there is not very many big people in conference so I’m bigger than most hitters I face. If someone came at me I’d run back at him unless he still had his bat. If he had the bat still, I’d run the other way.

JR: Fact or Fiction: The girls dig pitchers more than they do hitters. RW: I think girls dig pitchers that throw hard. But, I think hitters have the edge.

JR: Shane Gordon said either Justin Seiter or him was the best hitting pitcher. Do you agree with that? RW: I’d say that Marksbury is. But, Seiter used to be able to hit and so could Shane. I think I could also give those two a run for their money.

JR: Do you think any of the coaches could get a hit off of you? RW: I think Gullet would like to think he could. I think back in his day he might have been able to. I don’t think Asalon could because he has slow hands. Erie might be able to because he hasn’t lost too much. I know Bill Black, when he was here, could.

JR: Who is the best dancer on the team? RW: Shane Gordon. He can cut the rug.

JR: Do you have any superstitions? RW: Of course, I never touch the foul line except in the first inning when I drag my foot across it. Also, for warm up pitches between innings I always throw a fastball, a curveball and changeup in that order then a throw to second.