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Hello Kelly Clarkson fans everywhere,

My name is Jeff S. and I have been looking forward to seeing Kelly Clarkson live in concert since her first audition on American Idol She is truly one of the best singers of this age and her personality is beyond cool. I think she’s a really good person and is kind and caring. The problem I have been faced with is that the moderators of her site have kicked me off the official Kelly Clarkson fan club (which I paid for) solely for one reason… I said the word ‘bob’ on the site… now let me get this straight… saying ‘bob’ is now a swear word? Sure a contestant on Idol did name her bottom “big bob” but everyone and there dog is talking about Kelly’s backside on the site… so why then did I get banned??? It’s because the bulk of Kelly fans are female and can say anything about Kelly … and they do… even a lot of sexual comments….and don’t get me wrong she’s the perfect role model for young females, but to kick me off without any reason is extremely hurtful and sexist. Why can the females say sexual comments about Kelly and not get banned from the site, when all I said was the word ‘bob’ and I get banned? I got scammed out of 30US, a refund, the new Kelly DVD, and the chance to meet her. I am so very sad and emotionally devastated by what this site did to me (One of the biggest Kelly fans in the world-no less!) So if you could please print this in your newspaper I would be very grateful to you and your wonderful staff. I would like this to be known because it’s very unfair, and very very hurtful …. To do this to a hard core Kelly fan is just devastating. I just am so very sad. Kelly if you hear this… You Rock! I love your music, your voice and your spirit… but please can I be a part of your fan club???

You may use this article in your paper. Thanks. From Jeff Stackhouse Mission B.C. Canada