Student government should evolve

Who do candidates for Student Government plan to represent – the university administration, the student body or their own personal interests?

In this spring’s SGA elections, only eight students signed up to run for the 15 seats in the SGA senate. Only one slate filed to run for president and executive vice president, although they did not obtain enough signatures to validate their candidacy. Though the numbers are not impressive, students should look at each of the candidates not just as a classmate or a “nice person.” Students should look at the intentions of the candidates. Do they really want to work for the students or just put something on their resume?

Look at who the candidates plan to work for or, if they are in SGA, are working for. If you are an African-American or international student, take the time to see what they have done or plan to do for you. Non-traditional, graduate and law students should do the same, along with the Latino students, students with disabilities and students involved in student organizations or Greek life. The students that are not involved or show little interest in what happens on campus should be concerned too. People often say that SGA is a joke and the 3 percent of the student body that vote are all who SGA represents. Wrong!

There are people running or currently in SGA that work for all students, like American students that try to help our international students, and people who are heavily involved on campus that look out for the interests of those who are not involved at all. These are people that can bring real change into SGA and on this campus. These are the individuals that need all of the students’ support.

Candidates endorsed by NKU Students First are the type of change that SGA needs. Some who have past SGA experience have proven themselves time and again with a strong dedication to the needs of the students. Initiatives have been made to help our disabled students and improve communications between the students and SGA, as well as an ongoing commitment to make the campus more appealing.

Our candidate for vice president of student involvement knows how to work with the various student organizations and is eager to assist them with funding concerns. People who have held SGA members accountable and make attempts to reach out to the students are also part of this campaign. With your vote, we plan to restore the “student” in Student Government Association and work for the entire student body.

Students should visit for more information on our campaign, our plans for a new SGA, our Declaration of Student Rights and our design for a SGA Web site, which our candidate for vice president of public relations has created. You can also find a link to vote as well as information on how to vote. Our candidates and our continued commitment to the student body are an evolution in student representation. Send a clear message to SGA, the university administration and the Board of Regents – put NKU students first.