Last in Line wins third Battle of the Bands

Stuart MacKenzie

Stuart MacKenzie

Ashley Thomas

Rocking for popular votes, Last in Line took home the $500 prize during the APB third annual Battle of the Bands, held in Regents Hall.

“The bands were more eager to perform this year,” said Sheena Dunn, director of music programming.

All of bands auditioned in February and March to gain a slot in the battle.

Norust, last year’s winner, opened the show with a 25 minute set of rock ‘n’ roll.

One Breath Below, the first of the competing bands, played an energy-driven set of heavy guitars riffs and emotional vocals. They competed last year and placed second.

After One Breath Below finished, Past Daze was ready to rock on the other stage. It was the first time this alternative rock band played original songs for an audience. Past Daze usually plays cover songs at the Ft. Thomas Pub and other bars.

“We’ve never done anything like this before,” said Zach Rowe, guitarist of Past Daze.

Next, a heavy metal band, In Rage, gave the crowd a wake up call with their screaming vocals and an adrenaline-pumped guitarist. With a wireless guitar, the guitarist rocked In Rage’s songs while walking around the concert floor.

The Frank Project reminded the crowd that punk rock is still alive and kicking. Using ska riffs and straight up punk choruses, their energetic songs really got the crowd moving. With this being their first year in the battle of the bands, lead singer Jake Tippy said that they were there just to have fun.

At this point in the battle, Dunn released a barrage of beach balls into the static crowd to try and inject some life in them.

As soon as she let go, Alispyo let loose into a blistering two song set, which left the baffled audience wondering what hit them, but still wanting more.

After a short interlude of popular recorded music, Second Time took the stage. With a much less energetic set, Second Time, didn’t cause much of a ruckus. Slowly the crowd drifted over to watch the hilariously dressed, and much anticipated, debut of Kicks of Passion.

Kicks of Passion opened their set with the high-energy rock song “Disco Space Laser,” which included band introductions and some serious “shredding” from Kick’s guitarists. Made up of members from Norust and Abigail, Kick’s set was classic rock ‘n’ roll and a big hit with the crowd. With fun on-stage antics, fake mustaches and beautifully dated ’80s clothes, Kicks ripped through an exciting set.

Last in Line played to a majority of female fans, some clutching signs bearing their name. The band’s poppy vocals and hot guitar licks added life to Regents Hall. “A lot of work and effort were put into sounding as good as we like to think we sound,” said Andrew Niebuhr, lead singer and guitarist.

A change in the battle from last year, fans had to wait for all the bands to finish before they could cast their vote. Consequently, even though 300 fans showed up, when it was time to vote the crowd had significantly diminished.

When the results came in, The Frank Project took third, Kicks of Passion second and Last in Line placed first.

Stuart MacKenzie contributed to this article.