Alumna releases adoption book

When Northern Kentucky University Alumna Stacie Cahill adopted her daughter six years ago, she never expected to write a children’s book about the topic.

“Who am I” was released this January and tackles the sensitive subject of adoption.

Cahill intended it to help parents of adopted children discuss their adoption and encourage a sense of security in their children.

“The book helps facilitate communication among families and provides an open opportunity for children to ask about their birth or adoption experience,” Cahill said. “Children want to know about their birth parents at a very young age, but find it difficult to ask these questions. The book helps these children receive answers, which will help them grow into secure and healthy adults.”

“Who am I” is a picture book intended for children ages 3 to 10 and their parents. When explaining the difficult subject of adoption to small children, parents, therapists and teachers can use the book.

Many NKU students who choose a profession working with adoptive children may also benefit from this book.

This book can be also used as a reference when trying to teach children that adoption is another way to build a family.

Cahill graduated with a Bachelor of Science in psychology from NKU in 1993, and then graduated with a master’s degree in social work from the University of Kentucky in 1995. She now works as an independently licensed social worker. She has adopted two girls through domestic infant adoption.

“My six-year-old started asking questions about her birth family and adoption experience. I answered her questions, but felt I should do more to facilitate communication and expression. This book is a way to do that,” Cahill said.

Though this is Cahill’s first published book, she has written two other self-help books for children that she has recently sent to a publisher. A sequel to “Who Am I” is currently being illustrated and should be available by winter 2005.

“Who Am I” can be purchased online at or at It may also be purchased locally at Inner Blessings Bookstore, Borders Eastgate and Northgate and at Joseph Beth in Lexington, Ky.