Action needs to be taken

Dear Editor,

When exactly is it the right time to address issues and concerns here Northern? Why are we constantly responding to the ignorance that is being displayed through the letters to the editor? Let’s look at the bigger issues.

What is the university going to do about the problems that are occurring on campus? What has the university done concerning the issues that are presented continually at each year’s Dialogue on Race?

What is the university going to do about the Groom’s sculpture? That area is under construction, so why not move it to a location that will satisfy everyone involved in the concerns behind that piece?

Why does it have to be letters responding to students’ opinions in order for The Northerner to publish the concerns of African Americans? Is it in situations like these that we get our moment in the spotlight? In Jeff Cowens’ letter to the editor he states that, “We need to throw the race card to the side and treat each other as equals.” I agree with that 100 percent but in reality this university has not been treating its students of color as equals. What are we going to do?

What’s going to happen when Cheryl Nunez leaves? What happens to her office? Is someone going to replace her? Does the university not think it is important to have an office for Affirmative Action and Multicultural affairs? What is the university doing about the retention of African-American men here on campus?

I think that instead of arguing our different perspectives on what makes a person ignorant, let’s hold the administration accountable and see what happens.