Reader Pleads With PoliticiansFor Marijuana Legalization

Marijuana is legal as a medicine in 12 states. Our United States Supreme Court will determine if it will allow the use of Medical Marijuane in those states, from a federal prespective. Many Kentuckians could benefit from it’s use, but will not accept it’s Medicinal Value, as it is illegal. Who is to blame? I’ve spoken with elected, Kentucky Officials, and none have come out in favor of Medical Marijuana. Hey politicians, be they old, or young, sick, or healthy, show a little compassion. Stand up for those in need. Members of our State Government will read my words, and smile. Saying, what a joker he must be. But the ones most devestated, by this lack of regard, are their constituents. Take charge politiciians! Help those in need! Help those who elect you. Speak for the use of Medical Marijuana in Kentucky.