SGA needs better public relations

The Student Government Association spring elections are around the corner and many students do not even know that such a body exists. The average voter turnout in an SGA election is about 3 percent. The problem is not that students don’t care about SGA, but that they simply don’t know what goes on in it.

This lack of communication is not the fault of the student body. Communication between SGA and the student body must be changed in order for SGA to truly reach out to the students and let the student voice be heard.

Throughout this year, SGA has not made much of an effort to provide information to the student body. Most of the responsibility to communicate with the students falls with the Vice President of Public Relations. Some of the ways the current Vice President of Public Relations has neglected duties include failure to update an operational Web site, make use of the outdated bulletin boards across campus, publicize vacancies in the SGA Senate and Judicial Council, and publicize the rally in Frankfort. Perhaps the members of the Executive Board of SGA are too busy with the various campus organizations they are involved in to address the problem, or perhaps they are not even aware that a communication problem exists.