Race needs to be set aside

Dear Editor,

Wow, I can’t believe how racist some people are trying to make The Northerner look! After reading last week’s editorials I felt compelled to write in and state my piece.

Personally, I don’t care if the alleged sex offender is black, white, orange or pink; we as a student body deserve the right to know who did what. I would bet that if you asked any student to point out Michael Powell in a crowd on campus, nine out of 10 would not be able to do it. Unless someone is carrying the picture that was in The Northerner it would be nearly impossible.

Powell may be a well-educated African American, and I am happy for that, but if you do the crime you should be ready for the consequences that follow – for something like this, that may mean social alienation.

The three women that wrote in said that he “keeps to himself.” I challenge you to ask his victim if she thinks he keeps to himself. Bottom line, just because one African American commits a serious crime does not mean that the university or The Northerner is going to discriminate against all African Americans.

I feel like The Northerner has been subject to a lot of “race” issues recently, and the editors being questioned for everything they write is unfair. We need to throw the race card to the side and treat each other as equals! One question for the women that wrote in: Did you complain to the Kentucky Enquirer for reporting this rape? Are they racists too?

I think everyone should not see each other as black or white, but as Norse. Quality made, community driven – that’s why I Luvvv NKU!!

Jeff Cowens Senior, speech communication