A great summer diet food

Sushi Anyone?

Remke’s Market now has Sushi!!! Yea…

The California maki or Kappa-maki — Cucumber roll – is wonderful for people on a diet and is very low in calories – watch the soy sauce though, it is high in sodium but it is a must have with wasabi (green horseradish paste.) Named after “Kappa” (an evil green water golbin) who is said to love cucumber. One of basic norimaki with sliced cucumber core. Kappa Maki is the perfect diet sushi. Tekka-maki — Tuna roll, also named gamblers’ roll because they are said to take the roll as a convenient finger food during play. One of basic norimaki with lean tuna.”Nori” provides both minerals and vitamin A.

I do not work at Remke’s, but I love Sushi and although California type rolls are not considered sushi by Japanese people they are great for beginners. I personally like: sake-salmon, anago-sea eel, ebi-shrimp on sticky rice. (Pieces of the fish are laid on a square shape of sticky rice.)

I just thought I would relay this information to the health conscience dieter for this coming summer. I know I am doing my best not to pack on any more pounds. And California rolls are great for diets and extremely healthy. The maki rolls are reasonably priced as well.

Remke’s Market is located in the lower half of Newport Shopping Center on Route 27 or Alexandria Pike. The phone number is (859) 291-4200.

Kristen Franks-Junior