NKU Obituary

Over the years The Northerner has done great work in getting news and information out to it’s students and the campus at-large. I would like to question however, why in November of 2004 there was no mention of the death of the late Joseph Conger III, longtime Chair and Professor of Theatre in previous issues of The Northerner. Perhaps I have missed it?

When I was at NKU (I transferred in the third year) I found Joe to be one of the most important professors during my time their. He impacted my life in ways I will always remember. He believed in me by casting me as a freshman in THE MYSTERY OF EDWIN DROOD an getting me my first professional gig in Kincaid Regional Theatre’s BRIGADOON. I knew that he wanted the best for me and all other students that entered his door and the Theatre program. One of the last things he did for me was donate to my going on a mission trip to Romania to tell others about Jesus Christ.

I would like for The Northerner to be more concious of whom they eulogize and of whom they stay silent about when important people of the Norse Community pass away.

Jonathan D. Gaby former student of NKU ’99-’02 Graduate of Campbellsville University