Student criticism too broad, views questionable

Dear Editor,

A reporter’s job is to find a story. The thrill of reporting about an alleged felony rape case seems to be a mouthful for a collegiate reporter.

Being an African-American male and graduating senior, I feel that it is my responsibility to ask my fellow underclassmen a question. I have to wonder about the political ideologies of Kevin Malay. I wonder how Mr. Malay feels about former Newport police officer Cyril Sykes who has an agreement that lets him out of jail for a crime that he was convicted of and come freely to Northern Kentucky University and pursue a degree. In societal terms, Mr. Malay, statistics show that former officer Sykes is more likely to sexually abuse your innocent sister. Do you think he is a scumbag also? I mean he has already been convicted. Plus I saw him on campus just the other day. Does it make any difference because he is white? In my eyes it is different because Mr. Sykes has been convicted, not because he is white.

I also ask Mr. Malay to actually try to put a name with his “black students” motto. Or at least help me to understand who these “black students” are. Just what is every other issue? Maybe it is the fact that “black students” do not get to learn enough about their ancestry unless we recommend books that are not included in our curriculum. Maybe “black students” are just tired of having to deal with the injustice that goes on at NKU. Maybe a lot of “black students” are frustrated because instructors prefer to talk about Adolf Hitler not Assata Shakur, Fred Hampton, Malcolm X or Nat Turner. Maybe Mr. Malay feels we should still be reading in the cotton fields.

Well Mr. Malay if you do want to join me in the cotton fields I want you to bring a copy of Booker T. Washington’s “Up from Slavery.” You can read and watch me pick cotton. I say this because that is the way you approach systemic problems with very ignorant rationalizing.

I am not glad that Michael Powell has been charged, but I am glad that a lot of eyes are starting to open wider on campus to see the problems that are really going on at NKU. Mr. Powell makes the front page just to demonstrate what an image can do to an individual’s life. What an image can do is destroy an individual’s right to a fair trial. What an image can do is destroy ones right to the “American dream.”

White students as well as black students and for that matter international students know that this is not the best university when it comes down to acknowledging ethnic issues, drawing conclusions and finding solutions. I thank Mr. Malay for truly showcasing the true feelings of Campbell County, Kentucky. Correction, if I blame Campbell County then I am no better than Kevin Malay by grouping all individuals by either ethnicity (i.e. “black students”) or locality.

In actuality I ask myself what is a scumbag? In definitive terms, are you a scumbag once you are confused or once you are convicted? If that is the case Mr. Powell are neither and I refuse to let any individual be chastised by such an ignorant individual or an institution. I am not saying this about Mr. Powell in a defensive manner but because Mr. Powell has not been convicted. Mr. Malay I am so sorry for the verdict of the O.J. Simpson trial but he was acquitted. Does that mean he can not walk freely through campus also? But on the other hand Cyril Sykes was found guilty and he is still attending classes. Correction, Mr. Sykes reached a plea deal with the Kentucky Generals’ Office. I ask my fellow students, is this preferential treatment or not?

I am not surprised with anything that happens at this university anymore. In truth, anyone with less than 30 credit hours would be a “scumbag” to continue to deal with the confederate ideologies of Mr. Malay.

Mr. Malay, I once again applaud you because the viewpoints section gives all a place to air out all of our most inner thoughts. Regardless if you embrace this open letter or not, the seeds are already planted for ignorance. It is up to the black students, white students and the international students to find a solution. I could spew hate over this section since it is protected by free speech, but what good will that accomplish since we have a deeper problem that threatens the societal fibers of our university?

To all students of all ethnic backgrounds, please do not blame Mr. Malay for his comments but blame his upbringing; but remember he is entitled to speak his mind as I speak my mind. This letter is in response to the ignorance that has been passed on recently in our campus newspaper. If I did know any better I would have to say our newspaper is sponsored by Fox News and hosted by Bill O’Reilly because for demographic of Campbell County it is “fair and balanced.”

Allen Dale Long Jr.

Senior, radio and television