A job interview could make or break you no matter how strong or weak your resume is. With potential employers coming to the job expo Northern Kentucky University on April 5, there are some important tips to consider when going for that job interview, whether it is a summer job or the first job out of college.

The first thing to do is to be well prepared for the interview. Kat Yankowski, Liberal Arts Co-op Coordinator in the Career Development Center said, “You want to make sure you have a polished resume that is ready to go. You also want to have a nice outfit to wear, and you want to research the company you are interviewing for such as goals and the mission statement.” Yankowski adds, “You want to be polished, look ready and sound ready.”

Once you have a polished resume (for an example, see below) and you are prepared for the interview, the attire chosen is important. The Career Development Center urges students to dress for the job you want, not dressing for the job. Students should wear a suit. Men should wear a tie, belt and dress socks. Women should wear a suit as well. Women should wear hose and closed-toe shoes. Attire is very important when going to a job interview. Some students with a good resume may lose a job to someone with an average resume but more appropriate attire.

While the choice of clothing makes an impact, your overall appearance is just as important. Men with facial hair should make sure it is trimmed. Both men and women should get a haircut prior to the interview. Students should also watch their cologne or perfume levels. “You want to look like you got up in the morning and you were ready for the interview,” Yankowski said.

During the interview, posture is very important. Carrying yourself like a professional will go a long way during the interviewing process. Sitting up straight and maintaining eye contact with the interviewer will help you look better. During a job interview, you are trying to sell yourself to the company, therefore you want to make yourself presentable and looking your best. Courtesy is also suggested during a job interview. It may seem like an obvious thing to use courtesy, but a simple “Thank you for interviewing me” or “How are you today” could make all the difference.

One of the things many students fail to do in an interview is ask questions. Often an employer will ask if you have any questions and the response is usually no. The Career Development Center suggests asking a few questions even if you know the answer to them. It shows you are interested in the job and are trying to stay focused on their policies.

Following up an interview is important because it’s one more chance for the employer to have your name in front of them, and it shows them that you care about the job. Yankowski suggests a thank you card as a follow-up. E-mails and phone calls can be made, but something written has a better chance of staying on the employer’s desk a little longer.

If you need help with resumes or job interviews, students are encouraged to visit the Career Development Center located in University Center 230. At the center, students can receive help on making resumes look professional and complete. Students can also receive tips on interviewing. The center is open Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 8:15-4:30 p.m. They are open Wednesday from 8:15-6:00 p.m. Students can also find tips online at HYPERLINK “”