Guy friends help de-stress women

They don’t count calories, spend hours getting ready before a date or ask if they look fat in jeans, but they are ready when women obsess over these details.

They’re guy friends.

For a woman, guys can be a knowledgeable source of advice. They may not know the fashionable colors for the season, but when it involves sexual issues, birthday presents or decoding a man’s actions, guys know what they’re talking about.

Guy friends also tend to be less judgmental than female friends. If you’re a guy, views of friends won’t change by the breaking news of a fling on spring break. When confiding in a guy, a woman doesn’t have to worry that he’ll go tell all his friends; they aren’t as intrigued by women’s problems, unless it involves them.

One of the most important reasons every woman needs a guy friend is that they tell it straight. If a woman is having a bad hair day, has food in her teeth or even if she’s looking exceptionally well, her guy friend is there to tell her.

However, guy friends do come with potential problems. For instance, if the woman and guy are out together, an assumption by others that the duo is dating may occur.

Guy friends can also be a potential problem for women in relationships. Jealousy from a boyfriend toward a guy friend can put the woman in a difficult situation.

Regardless of possible problems, guys are a necessity to any woman’s life. They not only serve to give advice, but also as a way for a woman to relax and just be one of the guys.