Dress for success

When it comes to job interviews, appearance can make all the difference.

It’s no secret that many people, as well as employers, do tend to, “judge the book by its cover,” so present yourself accordingly.

“I ran my own company for years,” Gary Riley, owner of G’G Construction said. “I wouldn’t even hire a laborer if they weren’t dressed their best. I figured that if they really wanted the job, then they would try to impress me,” Riley said.

Ideally, people would be able to see beyond appearances when doing an interview, but that doesn’t always happen, so dress to impress, even if you’re going to dig ditches for a living.

You might not be able to control your nerves when a job’s on the line, but one thing you can control is how you look. Here are some tips on how to dress for the upcoming job expo or any interviews you might have in the future:

For starters, take a shower. Look clean and smell clean. Never go to an interview looking like you’ve just got out of bed or smelling like you just came out of a drunken stupper. Good hygeine is always a plus when attempting to get a job.

Guys, get rid of that five o’clock shadow, and if you do have facial hair, keep it well groomed.

Think businessman. Wear a suit, shirt and tie. A black suit with a buttoned, white shirt is good.

In general, your clothes should fit correctly. As for your shoes, tennis shoes are not an option. Go with shiny dress shoes that match your suit.

Ladies, try to fix your hair in a professional style and go light on the makeup.

If your going to wear nail polish, it’s probably a good idea to go with a clear polish so it won’t clash with your attire.

You too should probably wear a darker colored business suit. If you choose a skirt, don’t go too short.

Natural colored hose with nice dress shoes are good, but hide those toes. It’s not a date, it’s an interview.

In the end, your qualifications will carry the greatest weight. But sometimes the difference between you or someone else getting a job can be as simple as how you dressed for the interview.

As most of us have heard, “you only get one chance to make a first impression.”

To get more advice on how to dress for an interview contact the career development center at 572-5680 or visit www.jobsearchtech.about.com/od/interviewtips/a/interview-dress.