A response and a defense

Dear Editor, I am writing this letter in response to the letters published by the Northerner, written by Ashley Achoe, Ramaia Coleman, Whitney Abell, and Professor Robertson. These authors exhibit naive and foolish viewpoints that ought to be corrected. To start with, Professor Brian Robertson, on March 2nd, was ‘dismayed to see the picture in the paper of a student who was the subject of the article’. My God, how scandalous the Northerner has become. It actually has the audacity to print the picture of someone who is accused of a violent crime, committed on NKU’s campus. What in Gods name were they thinking? I hope my sarcasm is evident because I believe Professor Robertson to be a fool who has no authority or understanding on the complex issue of journalistic integrity or honesty. He is a Theatre professor, and ought to return to the world of thespians and drama queens. And his bias is evident, by the concern he displays for the accused, and the fact that ‘his participation in classes and activities here at the university is potentially compromised’. Cry me a river, Mr. Robertson. A young girl was raped, and scarred for life, and will likely undergo years of counseling and therapy to remedy this vicious injustice. Her ‘participation’ in society, and the world, will forever be altered. Did that even cross your mind? The other article, written by Ashley Achoe and Co. is drivel as well. Their claim, echoed daily by black people, is that racism was responsible for the publishing of the Powell article. They conclude that racism was evident because this particular article was in ‘big, bold print, front page’ for all to see. They claim that it should’ve been reported in the police beat section. Well, ladies, you may disagree, but most people consider rape to be slightly more important than a traffic violation. And being women, I especially thought it would concern you. To buttress their claim that racism is alive and well on campus, they claim that his ‘professors are trying to take education and a better future from him by not wanting him to be in class’, and in effect are telling ‘other African American students at NKU that they do not want us to succeed’. SO, ladies and gentlemen, here is, I suppose, their reasoning: Michael Powell was accussed of rape. His professors don’t want him in class, NOT because he stands accused of a horrific crime, and they fear for his safety, and perhaps the safety of others. And not because it may distract others from pursuing their education. It’s because NKU is racist. Their logic is laughably moronic. Any time a black person commits a crime, and stands accused, you can bet your bottom dollar that liberals will scream to high heaven that racism has once again reared its ugly head. What facts and figures, you may ask, do they cite to prove racism exists? None, not one fact, or instance of true racism graces their article. Instead, they rely on a ‘poem’, written by Tupac Shakur. You heard that right; they berate NKU for racism, and to bolster their position, and perhaps strike a chord with other mindless liberals, they cite a ‘poem’ written by a man who was a gun-toting, violent, misogynistic criminal. I am not claiming that NKU, or the Northerner is perfect. I’ve attended U.C., Ohio University, and N.K.U., and understand that every school has its faults. But to reduce honest journalism to racism is unfair.