Reporting crosses the line

Dear Editor,

I am concerned with The Northerner’s portrayal of people of color.

I have been a student here at NKU since 2000, and since then people of color have had a problem with The Northerner. From the false report about the words from an excellent professor here that caused him unnecessary public humiliation, the inaccurate DPS reports that covered up a dangerous crime, to the unethical exposure of an alleged sex offender that caused unrest from the African American students here at NKU.

There is one thing in common with the very few named here out of many other examples: they were all people of color. When will this attack on the group of people that make this university multicultural end?

It seems that after meeting with the Northerner staff that they feel justified in that freedom of press gives them the right to endanger one’s reputation and character. But since this is an educational institution there is a little thing called a Code of Ethics that should never be broken, and The Northerner is definitely guilty of breaking more than a few of them.

The Northern Kentucky University College of Education Code of Ethics and Procedures for Violation states that “The student shall create and maintain a safe physical and emotional learning environment. The student shall collaborate with others in a positive, cooperative and courteous manner.

“The student shall not falsify or misrepresent any facts, documents, reports or information given to faculty staff, supervising teachers, university supervisors, students, colleagues or others. Deceitful or dishonest behavior is not professional behavior.”

In the Professional Code of Ethics for Kentucky School Certified Personnel states that: “Students shall provide students with professional educational services in a nondiscriminatory manner… The student shall respect the constitutional rights of all students. Students shall take reasonable measures to protect the health, safety, and emotional well-being of students,” to name a few.

I hope that in the future the university practices these principles and will apologize to the victims that were not considered in previous articles.

Desera A. Favors President of STAR