Problems with PC’s

I would like to help students at NKU if they are having problems with their PC’s. These steps can help. But it takes research to find out if programs belong or not.

I have had problems with my computer lately. I thought I would share this info; incase anyone else is having problems with their PC as well. I got firefox browser-Mozilla, spysweeper(free with ISP-ATT.NET) or a ad ware correcter-lavasoft(free), zonealarm(free)-which I have had 197 attemps to access my firewall since loading yesterday afternoon. Here is a site to help identify viruses Trent Micro Virus Encyclopedia. Gibson Research to see if your firewall is up to date. Stider Ghostbuster-that entails many steps, it finds hidden root kits. Hope this can help if anyone is having problems. I worked on this for several days and these are the best steps to take. Kristen Franks-NKU-Junior