The northerner’s last issue

What is going on thru the minds of the northerner staff? I read the article of the alleged rape as well as the DPS reports and the student opinion poll in the last issue and I along with many students have lost trust in the northerner.

I think it was VERY distasteful to put the accused name and information in the paper like that. His safety and privacy are now at risk because anyone and everyone can now find out this man’s address and other contact information and harasse him at their will. I don’t know if he did it or not, I do know he is presumed innocent till proven guilty by the commonwealth and a jury of his peers, but you’re article was distasteful. There wasn’t a word mentioned of the alleged rape from last semeste in you’re paper, but this alleged one gets front page headlines???

And with the DPS reports, how you got the names, ages and home towns of persons stopped by university police for traffic violations and then printed them is a very good question? That is no one’s business but the commonwealth’s, DPS and those specific persons stopped. That again is extremely distasteful and still how you got them when the actual reports from the DPS web site don’t EVER mention that information, leaves allot of qusetions to be asked.

And as far as you’re student poll, that’s a joke because one of the gentlemen you interviewed is a former room mate of mine, who is a drug user if not a dealer and has a serious arrest record with assaults in it recently. Those are crimes according to the Kentucky Revised Statutes, and lead to other crimes as well…

There is something seriosly wrong within the northerner in my and a large majority of student’s opinions, which is clearly evident by the papers in the trash. The northerner has lost some of it’s readers after this last issue and the creditability it had with allot more.