rape suspect

I was shocked to pick up the Cincinnati Enquirer today, and find out that a student at Northern was raped, and I was even more shocked to find out that the student who committed this vicious crime is still a student here. What in the world are the school administrators thinking? Michael Powell is a menace to society, and ought to be expelled, and put behind bars. There are a number of females on this campus, on of whom is my sister, who cannot defend themselves against men like Powell. They are at risk for assualt, and possibly worse. The black students want to turn this, and every other issue, into a racial issue. According to the Enquirer, the blacks on campus have complained that Powells mug shot was posted on the cover of the Northerner. These students ought to be expelled as well. They are attempting to turn a legitimate safety concern into a divisive, racial issue. Every student at Northern needs to make a decision: either you stand with a scumbag like Michael Powell, or you stand with the innocent, unnamed victim, and every other femaile on Northerns campus. Those who stand with the innocent need to maintain vigilance, and work hard for Michael Powells expulsion.

Kevin Malay Cincinnati, OH Kevjaylay@aol.com