You just lost a good student

My son is an electronics technician on a nuclear submarine. He’ll be getting out of the Navy in a few months, and continuing his education. He was seriously considering going to NKU.

I just read the first page of an article you posted about Terri Schiavo. Schiavo Case Generates Concerns, by John Foley. It is so full of lies I’m not even sure where to begin.

Terri’s estranged husband, Michael did not call 911 after her mysterious collapse. He called Terri’s father, and told him Terri was dead. Terri’s father called 911, and Terri’s brother, who lived in the same building. Michael knew CPR, but made no attempt to administer it. When the police arrived, he gave an unbelievable account of how she came to be in that situation. He changed his story three times.

Terri’s cerebral cortex has not been replaced with spinal fluid. That rumor began on the Internet. A CT Scan of Terri’s brain shows significant brain damage, but nothing like what you described.

Most doctors do not agree that she will never recover from her vegetative state. As a matter of fact, most doctors agree she’s not in a vegetative state, and her condition would improve if she was given the therapy she has illegally been denied. Even the doctors who testified on behalf of Michael described Terri’s condition in terms inconsistent with vegetative state. They described her responses to various stimuli, and her ability to obey commands. You don’t have to take the experts’ word for it. Look for yourself. Terri watching a balloon – Terri’s alert eyes – Terri responds to cold – Terri responds to her mom – Terri responds to music – Terri responds to touch – A Conversation with Terri – When’s the last time you saw a dead body do that?

Terri’s family are not the ones who “moved her from one treatment to another.” Her estranged husband is her guardian. He took her to get experimental treatment early on. Electrodes were implanted in her brain. She was showing progress. He ended the treatment, and has not allowed the electrodes to be removed. That is the only treatment outside of standard therapy that he has allowed her to have. Once he got the money, he ceased all therapy. No more range of motion therapy, so her muscles have contracted causing excruciating pain. No more speech therapy, so she’s forgotten how to say the few words you used to say, and she no longer swallows as well as she used to. He quit allowing her to eat food, which has contributed to her difficulty in swallowing. He claims that tooth brushing is therapy, so she’s not allowed to have that either. Five of her teeth had to be removed a few months ago because of neglect. He had this done during one of the times that he had banned her family from visiting her.

Terri did visit a doctor for various symptoms. She visited her doctor to determine why she wasn’t getting pregnant. Michael sued the doctor for negligence, and won. The doctor was later cleared of any wrongdoing. Terri has still never been diagnosed as ever having had an eating disorder. No doctor who has ever examined her believes she had an eating disorder. She never had a potassium imbalance, aside from the irratic readings affected by the medications she was given upon admission. This is the part where you were supposed to throw in the fable about her “heart attack” which she never had. According to her records, there was never a problem with her heart.

Terri’s parents did not ask for half of Terri’s rehabilitation money. I’ve heard most of the rumors, but this one is new. I’m guessing you made it up out of whole cloth. Terri’s Dad asked Michael when he was going to pay back the money he owes him, and when he was going to begin providing therapy for Terri. That’s when Michael became violent. He refused to give Terri any therapy, issued a DNR order, cut off her family’s visitation rights, and denied them access to her medical records.

Terri’s parents did not report Michael for abuse at this point. They were unaware of the abuse, because he had sealed her medical records, including the bone scan. Terri’s parents tried, for many years, to appeal to Michael’s good nature, not realizing that he doesn’t have one.

Greed is not the common factor on both sides. Greed is one of the motivators for Michael, but he has other reasons as well. Terri’s family’s motives are to prevent the murder of their beloved daughter and sister.

I’m not going to read the second page. I’m going to make sure my son does not attend your school. I’m going to share your article with hundreds of other people who know the truth. This hit piece was not the result of ignorance. Surely you know how to read the court transcripts, medical records, depositions, etc. There are videos posted all over the Internet, showing Terri interacting with doctors and visitors. You cannot possibly be stupid enough to believe the lies you posted, but you think the rest of us are. You may be able to lie to your students within the closed quarters of a classroom, but you cannot get away with lying to their parents on the Internet. In a matter of seconds, we can have access to the truth. As much as I hate being lied to, what’s worse is your reason for lying. You’re lying in order to promote murder.

I hope you don’t think my son is stupid enough to attend your college.