Hot Seat with the basketball managers

Zach Cook, Joey Carter, Nathan Rutledge and Andy Espelage serve as NKU basketball managers.

In this week’s Hot Seat, John interviews the four basketball managers: Andy Espelage (AE), Nathan Rutledge (NR), Zach Cook (ZC) and Joey Carter (JC).

John Rasp: What made each of you guys a manager? NR: Because I love the game of basketball and I was probably the worst athlete in this whole entire area. Well, Zach may have me beat on the worst athlete, but I was probably the worst athlete in my school. ZC: I agree with (Nathan) in that I love the game. But, I knew with my legs I wouldn’t be able to play. So, just to be around everybody every game was pretty much what I was going for. AE: I have a love for sports and a love for basketball so I just had to be around some how. JC: I have a love for sports and since NKU doesn’t have a football or a hockey team so I decided to get involved with basketball.

JR: Who is the toughest basketball player to deal with? NR: I’d say Sean (Rowland) because he’s so intense during games. AE: I’d say Sean because during the games he’s so intense that he’ll call us a few choice words. JC: Sean isn’t the most difficult. The most difficult is Schappell because he’s constantly on you for things that you know you have to do but he’ll say it anyway.

JR: Which manager is the ladies’ man? NR: It’s definitely Zach. ZC: It would definitely be me.

JR: Who would you say is the best athlete among the managers? NR: It’s definitely Joey. He played high school sports. Zach is definitely a shooter, but he’s one of the worst athletes I’ve seen in my life. ZC: I’d have to say me because I’m the best basketball player.