Band, scenery make musical unique

Imagine Grease, Full Metal Jacket and Saturday Night Fever thrown into a rock’ n’ roll musical, and the Tony-award winning “Movin’ Out” would be the result.

“Movin’ Out,” directed by Twyla Tharp, is a story of friends and lovers who face the hardships before and after the Vietnam War.

The lyrics of the band and the dancers interpretation narrated this entire musical.

Fronted by lead vocalist and pianist, Darren Holden, the band performed the 24 Billy Joel songs. Besides Holden, eight other members, half of which were brass players. The musicians performed from their own platform, which was raised above the main stage. Having the band on their own stage and not hidden in the pit adds to the intimacy of the show because you see the musicians hard at work. For those who love or study dance at Northern Kentucky University, it would benefit you to attend this show. The dancing style of “Movin’ Out” is very original because it’s a blend of modern dance and ballet. Dancers Holly Cruikshank and Brendan King made themselves impossible to ignore. Cruikshank, who played the role of Brenda, demonstrated her flexibility and graceful turns in “Shameless,” one of the show’s best numbers during the second act. King, who played the role of Eddie, barely kept his feet on the ground, doing back flips and other intricate dance moves throughout the show.

Although the musical had a typical story line, guy-meets-girl and ends happy, the band, scenery and the dancers allow this production to stand out.

“Movin Out” will run until Sunday March 6th. Tickets are 20 to 80 dollars and are available at or