American Pluralism Committee

This university expresses shared governance as a major asset in this university’s progression. However over the past few weeks this hasn’t been the case. University students have been disenfranchised from the university’s growing process. An ad hoc committee was established to address the concerns of students who have been unsatisfied with the Race and Gender courses and to implement an American Pluralism course into the curriculum.

In an attempt to suppress the university community’s (students) concerns and thoughts, members of the American Pluralism Committee have implicated that students are not able to vote on the committee due to policies written in the Faculty Handbook. These claims are highly false, and the Faculty Handbook states nothing to that in nature. However it is true that if a committee chair would like to not include students in their committee they don’t have to. Students are disturbed because committees are using power, as an oppressive tool to keep the university community’s voices from being heard.

Students are the foundation of this university and those around the world. We have the right to know what is taking place in the community in which we live, and we should be able to partake in our community’s changes with equal voices, especially on ad hoc committees about American Pluralism.