Bat Boy sighted on campus

Tabloid magazines first introduced America to the half-bat half-boy creature years ago; now Northern Kentucky University’s Theatre Department is giving the area a closer look into the life of Bat Boy.

The awarding-winning, off-Broadway musical comedy, inspired by the tabloid celebrity, will be open in the Corbett Theatre beginning Feb. 17.

“Bat Boy: The Musical” is the tale of a creature raised by bats in a cave deep in rural West Virginia.

A family from the small town of Hope Falls takes in Bat Boy, played by Brian Bailey. The musical details the experiences of Bat Boy.

He must deal with not only the reactions of the town folk, but he must also fight a battle from within – his thirst for blood.

The role of Bat Boy presented a special challenge to Bailey. “You must have stamina,” Bailey said. “The singing, with all of the screeching is difficult.”

In order to properly give an adequate visual of the creature, a cosmetic dentist fitted Bailey with a set of fangs. Bailey also dyed his hair black, used translucent powder and prosthetic ears to complete the “Bat Boy” look.

“It took around 45 minutes for all of the makeup to be applied,” Bailey said.

Throughout the performance, spoofs of other musicals and pop culture events will be evident. A wide variety of musical styles are featured everything from rap to gospel.

Performances are at 8 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday, and 3 p.m. on Sunday.

Student tickets are $6.