Commemorating Black History Month

You no longer hear about the first African American in some career fields; those milestones have come and gone. But new challenges await, said one prominent Northern Kentucky newsman.

John Lomax has been covering news in Greater Cincinnati for more than 20 years.

He began on the Northern Kentucky beat, and currently works as the weekday morning anchor for Channel 12 WKRC.

Lomax joined WNTV and The Northerner in an interview to give his insight on the importance of multicultural and diversity education on college campuses, and why it is important for our region.

“It is important for students on this campus to learn how to live in a diverse world, because it is certainly diverse once you get outside of the college campus,” Lomax said.

Lomax also shared some of the challenges that he had to face as an African American newsman. he also gave advice to African American students who are interested in pursuing a career in television.

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