What we’ll never tell you, but what you should know

By choosing this topic, I am breaking the first rule of the female fight club. Rule one: Don’t talk about what women want. Rule two: Don’t talk about what women want.

I know I’m not supposed to talk about what women want, but it’s close to Valentine’s Day and some people need a little help finding a date for the big day.

From the first time you talk to her, to the first kiss, to the “L” word – for all of you who want to know what some women want – this is the column for you.

Approaching a woman for the first time

The first time may be a little awkward for the both of you if there isn’t an introduction. To make things go a little easier, find an icebreaker.

If you both play pool, challenge her to a game. If you notice her in class, ask about her major or why she took the class.

Above all, be confident – but not full of yourself. When approaching her, don’t use cheesy pick-up lines or be too forward. Relax. Be yourself; that is who she’ll end up liking in the end.

How to tell if a woman is interested

If she’s not interested, she’ll probably let you know with one of these major signs. If she says she is with someone, fakes an illness or pretends to be gay (or straight) to avoid contact with you, chances are she’s not interested.

Females can find a variety of excuses not to be chased. If she’s not interested, she’ll tell you she’s busy, something came up or she’ll ignore you completely. Other women may be straightforward with rejection and tell you to leave her alone. Either way, if the chemistry is not there, don’t force it.

When talking to a woman, if she’s giving short answers and she’s not trying to keep up her end of the conversation, she probably doesn’t want to talk to you.

If she bids you farewell with lines such as, “see you around” or “I’ll call you sometime,” don’t pursue any further. She’s telling you that if she wants you, she’ll let you know.

If she is interested in you, watch for obvious signs. Standing close while having a conversation, physical contact, flirting, smiling, laughter and a positive attitude are all signs that she is interested in you.

If the two of you are in a large group and you’re still the person she is focusing on, she’s definitely interested.

Also, if she tries to make plans with you – invites you to a group outing, a play or other social function, that means she wants to see you in other settings and to get to know you more.

The most obvious signal from a woman is if, unknowing to you, she programs her number into your phone. This not only says she likes you, but also takes the pressure off having to ask her for her number.

Getting the number

The worst five words to ever been used to get a number are “Can I get your digits?” This, and other terrible, clich