Caucus to hear concerns

Students will have an opportunity to be heard in the legislative world Feb.5 when the Northern Kentucky Legislative Caucus meets on campus.

The forum-style meeting will be held in the University Center cafeteria to attend to constituent concerns. The amount of time that each person will have to address the caucus will depend on how many people are present for the meeting.

Student Government Association president Andy Hixson feels that it will be a good opportunity for the student body. “I hope that the NKU student body will take this chance to express their concerns about the university’s underfunding, that I hear every day, to the Northern Kentucky Caucus,” Hixson said in a press release.

Robert Schrage, the assistant director of the Northern Kentucky Area Development District, agrees. “The general public should be interested, and the students should be interested,” Schrage said. “There’s a lot of issues on the table that will affect Northern Kentucky University.”

Schrage, who is also in charge of staffing for the caucus, went on to say, “Students have seen some major tuition hikes, and getting funding has always been a major priority. And there’s the budget. Also, the arena is the number-one capital project for northern Kentucky,” Schrage said. “There’s a lot to concern students.”

Students who are interested in addressing the caucus are encouraged to arrive early to the meeting and are required to sign in. Those who have signed in will be called on to participate in the order in which they signed.

“This is an excellent opportunity for the students, faculty and staff and friends of NKU to communicate the importance of the caucus’s work on behalf of the university,” said Joe Wind, executive director for government and community relations at NKU, in a press release.