Voter exclusion hurts university

Dear Editor,

As African-American students we are concerned with what is happening at the American Pluralism Committee meetings. Two African-American student representatives (myself included) have been told that we are unable to vote on that committee.

It concerns us greatly that we have once again been disfranchised by this university. Because it is about American pluralism and we make up such a large percentage of the American pluralism community, we feel that our voices should be taken seriously. We are concerned with our education, which will marginalize us as second-class citizens, when many of us came from communities that have historically been marginalized.

Without students of color this university couldn’t be multicultural. We believe that before implementing more courses that celebrate diversity and multiculturalism, the university should start by respecting students of color by valuing our voices.

We demand the right of full participation, the right to vote, and we hope that students of color on campus support our demand.

Desera A. Favors and Jordan Cornwell Jordan Cornwell is a freshman and Desera Favors is a junior sociology major.