Hot seat with Nikki Perkins


In this week’s Hot Seat, John interviews women’s basketball player senior Nikki Perkins.

John Rasp: I asked Brittany Winner (a sophomore) if the four sophomores played the four seniors, which team would win and she said the sophomores. Do you agree with this statement? Nikki Perkins: You know the sophomores are very talented, but I think with Connie Myers we could take them.

JR: What game would you say was the maddest that Coach Winstel has been this year? NP: I know early on against Georgetown and Central State she was pretty mad. But she was probably the maddest at Kentucky Wesleyan.

JR: Last week, Jordan Stowers said he could beat any women’s player including those in the WNBA. Do you think this is true? NP: No. Definitely not. I think Connie (Myers) could take Jordan Stowers.

JR: What would you say was your best game at NKU? NP: Probably last year versus Kentucky Wesleyan at home. I probably shot the ball the best. JR: Out of the three assistant coaches, which one(s) do you think you can beat? NP: I think I could beat Michelle Wolfe and Coach Schmidt but I don’t know about Michelle Cottrell.

JR: The men and the women have similar records right now. Jordan Stowers said in last weeks’ hot seat that the men will end up with more wins. What do you think about that? NP: I hope they have just as many wins as us. I think right now we’re leading.

JR: What’s the biggest difference from Division I and Division II? NP: I’d say in Division II there is a lot more to play for like conference championships and the NCAA tournament as opposed to playing mid-division I basketball.

JR: I was told in a previous hot seat that you would be most likely to get a technical foul among the players. Is this true? NP: I’d say that might be true. I get a little feisty on the court.

JR: Who’s the toughest player to guard in practice including some of the men practice players? NP: Probably Jeff Henry because he’s so quick and can shoot over us. He also stronger than us.