Democrats choose their battles

The Democrats are at it again.

I hoped they would have some sort of New Year’s resolution to stop being sore losers but it seems this year’s loss has merely antagonized them. While they cry for the Republicans in Washington state to stop being sore losers over the governor’s race (which was decided by 130 votes), they bring conspiracy theories to Congress during the counting of electoral votes for president.

“We are following the rules and we need to live by those rules, and not just call for a do-over because we don’t like the results,” Senate Majority Leader Lisa Brown, D-Spokane, said at The Associated Press’ legislative preview Jan. 5.

So let me get this straight – when your candidate wins, you want everyone to stop bothering about the recounts. But when your candidate loses, you will keep asking for recounts until your candidate wins.

For those of you who do not know, it took three recounts until Democrat Christine Gregoire was announced the winner.

On the Federal level, people should expect more from their elected officials. Members of the House are often known for less than well-thought-out stances on certain issues, but for a member of the Senate to cross the line and start buying into conspiracy theories makes me shudder.

There was no massive widespread voter fraud in Ohio. Independent investigations have been conducted and found no more irregularities that would be found in any election.

I haven’t heard anything from those in Washington, D.C., about the problems in Washington state. Perhaps those same self-defenders of every vote should take a visit to that state and see how many irregularities they find. I doubt that will happen. The Democrats do not care about counting every vote – just the ones for their candidate.

Steve Funaro is a member of the College Republicans at NKU. You can contact Steve at