Professor shares racial research

For National American Indian Heritage Month, Northern Kentucky University hosted guest speaker George Price Nov. 23.

Price, an adjunct professor at the University of Montana, spoke about relations between African Americans and Native Americans.

“I wanted to give the people a starting point of the history of the omitted and ignored people,” Price said.

Price began investigating his family roots, which sparked an interest in relations between African Americans and Native Americans.

Price has been researching these relationships for 20 years and has been teaching African American studies and Native American studies since 1998.

Price called his research “very time consuming, but well worth it.”

“It’s been a fun journey doing this,” he said.

During his lecture, Price discussed many different tribes across the United States including the Seminoles, Pequot and his mother’s ancestors, the Wampanoag.

Price said he doesn’t typically lecture anywhere other than his home state.

However, he made the trip to NKU for the National American Indian Heritage Month event.