Hot seat with Sean Rowland


In this week’s Hot Seat, John interviews Sean Rowland, a senior on this year’s men’s basketball team.

John Rasp: What will be the most number of shots that you will take in a game this year? Sean Rowland: I’ve already done it… two. I took two labs down at Kentucky Wesleyan because I was wide open.

JR: Between the men and the women, which team is probably at better free throws? SR: We are, of course. We have Mike Kelsey who is probably the best shooter in the nation and Steve Purdon, who is the best three point shooter in the country. We are the best free throw shooting team.

JR: In last years’ hot seat with Steve Purdon, he said that you are liked by most of the ladies because of your “big nose and receding hairline.” Is this true? SR: No, Purdon just likes to joke around a little bit. That is not true at all. He’s actually the ladies’ man. He’s Mr. GQ metro-sexual. I think he’s the man to get all of the women, but he does have a girlfriend.

JR: Fact or fiction: Mike Kelsey will get more technical fouls than Coach Bezold. (Right now, Kelsey has one, Bezold zero.) SR: Coach Bez will definitely have more technical fouls.

JR: What’s the maddest you’ve ever seen Coach Bezold in a game or practice? SR: I think the maddest I’ve ever seen him was against Southern Indiana my redshirt year. We were 13-0 going to Southern Indiana and we ended up getting beat bad. And after the game, it wasn’t what he said or did, he just didn’t talk. You could tell that if you said something to him, he was going to give you an answer that you didn’t really want to hear. You can tell when he’s mad, because he’ll shut up and ignore you.

JR: Who listens to the weirdest pregame music? SR: I’d have to say Mike Kelsey does. He’ll listen to anything from Bruce Springsteen’s Born in the U.S.A. to Outkast. You’ll sometimes hear him on the bus singing. JR: Who’s the most superstitious basketball player? SR: I’d have to say myself or Brian Lewin. Lewin always splashes himself with a bucket of water before the game like he’s in a title fight. I can’t really comment on anyone else because most superstitions you kind of keep to yourself. I do the same thing before the game the same way.

JR: I know you’re not allowed to haze the freshman, but which one do you give the hardest time? SR: I think it’s equal. We have a bunch of older players including six seniors. I remember my first year when I was in the same situation. Mark Hawkins, Travis Rasso, get a lot of grief from us and its all in good fun and they know that we are joking with them. It’s not over, though, and they know its not over.

JR: What game are you most looking forward to this year? SR: The national championship game.