Guilty verdict finally serves justice

Justice is finally served.

Scott Peterson was found guilty of murdering his wife, Laci, and their unborn child. While the verdict doesn’t make me happy, it is certainly a relief.

After the O.J. Simpson fiasco, I was so sure he would get off the hook. I even held out for him, hoping the evidence I was seeing would be discounted in some way, but it never was. Peterson was guilty, and the jury saw to it that justice was upheld.

From the moment Mr. Peterson was brought to trial, he acted so confident that even if he didn’t do it, the jury probably hoped he did. He walked around with a smirk on his face that was so condescending that it made me sick.

Peterson’s attorney, so sure his client would get off the hook, seemed not to mind if jurors were for or against the death penalty.

When the verdict was read Nov. 12, applause could be heard nearly everywhere there was a TV.

The evidence proving Peterson’s guilt was overwhelming.

While I am not an avid fishing type, Peterson’s first mistake was bringing the wrong tackle. Not even I would make that kind of error if I were really trying to do some fishing.

But the “sinker” for me was the cement they found in his boat. Who brings cement to fish? The bodies washed up in the same bay Peterson was fishing in.


The hard part will be making this conviction stick.

If the appeals court allows the jurors inside that boat to show them the movement while rocking back and forth, it could be enough doubt to sway the jury.

Let’s hope not. Laci and Conner deserve better.

Steve Funaro is a senior history major and member of the College Republicans at NKU. You can contact Steve at