Being involved can bring change

For several years, I have proudly served the student body of NKU as a member of the Student Government Association. I have seen controversy and apathy, as well as determination and passion during my time in SGA. I have strived to empower students and see that they are represented by people who are willing to work for them. More people in SGA with the fortitude to stand up for students are greatly needed.

Even with the most recent tuition increase, we haven’t seen much as far as improvements to our university. I do emphasize that NKU is our university. Students provide roughly 70 percent of this university’s budget. For most of the seniors on campus, tuition has gone up nearly 50 percent since when they were freshmen. We see the renovation of the lake and a future Student Union to be constructed but not much has been done to improve the academic environment that we pay for.

Many students have shown concern for lack of funding in various departments such as Latino Student Affairs. If tuition went up about 17 percent in the past year then we should see a 17 percent increase in areas that help students. Even with NKU’s historical under-funding, the primary concern of the university should be the advancement of students and their potential success in the competitive world. Charging students to use services, even though tuition clearly provides for them, is not the answer to solving the university’s financial shortcomings. We are the reason for this university’s existence and should have a greater role in what happens on our campus.

The best way to address student concerns is to become involved in SGA in some way. I have taken it upon myself to create an organization that will assist in bringing student concerns to the floor of SGA. NKU Students First is dedicated to serving students by providing and assisting hard-working candidates in SGA elections.

If you are interested in joining us or need more information, check out our Web site at We look forward to working for all students through our efforts in SGA.

Michael Tobergta is a junior political science major at NKU. He is the founder and chair of NKU Students First and is an SGA senator. You can contact him at