University should address College Republicans’ poor conduct toward speakers

Dear Editor,

As a university and as college students, we are looked upon as respected and intellectual individuals capable of thinking out of the box. What I witnessed at the Congressional debate on campus was truly appalling and disrespectful, not only to the great candidates that chose to debate on our campus but to every single student, faculty and staff of this university. I witnessed first hand behavior unbecoming of students and members of the College Republicans of America.

Mr. Jeremy Worley took a courageous stance to point out and bring public the adolescent and indecent behavior of the College Republicans. In his defense I feel that he wrote the article in a non-bias stance. I have worked with several Democrats across the state and in our region, more importantly I have had the opportunity to be a part of the College Democrats here at NKU. In that time I have never met Mr. Worley nor have I had the opportunity to thank him for writing the article.

The College Democrats have taken the position of dignity and pride above partisanship, a side I can tell you from my experience I have not witnessed from the College Republicans.

This year elections turned out to be based on moral values. I have not witnessed this from the College Republicans. What I have witnessed was rude, un-intellectual and downright obnoxious behavior. This issue expands beyond that of partisanship and politics to the essential guidelines given to us as students and adults. The debate was not only attended by our peers but by the media, general public and major political leaders. What our guests took from this debate was an opinion that demeans our university and our values.

Intervention is necessary by the university because this seems to be a trend that degrades our university. I have tremendous pride in being a student here at Northern Kentucky University and I am offended as a student, as a taxpayer and as a Democrat. It is time for the leaders of the College Republicans to face facts and learn to control the behavior of their members.

The university should intervene and make sure this never happens again. The people that attend functions like the debate are the people that make the decisions on how funding from the federal and state levels is allocated. Who would want to pour millions of dollars into a university that represents itself in this manner of indecency, ignorance and disrespect? That alone should encourage our university leaders to rectify this behavior.

This is not just an issue of red and blue, it is more importantly an issue of black and gold, it is an issue of pride in our university and the fine students, faculty and staff that make Northern so great. Education is our greatest goal in a college atmosphere followed closely by the development of professional and personal values.

What the College Republicans have shown the university is that they respect only their values. To me, that is ignorance and distain for others, values that don’t represent their political party or this university.

If these are the future leaders of America then I am deeply concerned for the future of this great nation, we cannot allow this issue to simply be swept under the proverbial rug again. The university must address this pattern of disrespectful behavior. If we do not, it will only encourage those whom lack tact to continue a pattern that ultimately represents all of Northern in a negative light – a light I do not wish to stand under.

Gabe Cronon Executive Director NKU College Democrats