How far would you go for a friend?

Dear Friend,

Let me tell you a little bit about my best friend for the past four years. Kevin Bauereis and I began our college career together at Northern Kentucky University in 2001. We became friends when we were teamed as lab partners in our first Biology class. Kevin and I have a great deal in common. 1.We are both graduating from NKU in May 2005 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and a minor in Chemistry. 2.We are both graduating with honors. 3.We are both planning to attend medical school. 4.We both have part-time jobs plus we participate in volunteer work. 5.We will both be 22 upon graduation. Kevin and I have one major difference. Kevin lives with cystic fibrosis and has fought this disease since birth. Although over the past four years Kevin has missed days due to hospitalizations and sickness, he has always come back with a passion! Since that first semester four years ago, Kevin and I have taken the majority of our classes together. I share my notes when he misses and we spend countless hours preparing for the next exam. Kevin has been my inspiration throughout the past four years. When I would get stressed out and feel as though I was drowning in homework, exams, and work, I would think of Kevin. He has all the exact pressures as I do in addition to living with cystic fibrosis. Sometimes life is not fair and through Kevin I have learned this. Before graduation and Kevin and I move on to another chapter in our lives, I feel compelled to say thanks to him for being my backbone. Although I hope to continue my education in cystic fibrosis research, I want to do something now! I am asking for your support to honor him in the “Running Across Mason County”. I plan to run from the Mason/Lewis line to the Mason/Bracken line on the AA Highway on Wednesday, November 24th. This run is approximately 20 miles but seems only a small step compared to the larger ones Kevin makes every day. Please support me by making a tax deductible donation to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Your check can be mailed to Adam Zeigler, 493 Glenbrooke Drive, Maysville, KY 41056. Every donation will be greatly appreciated, no matter how small. Once my run is complete, I will mail our donations to the foundation in Kevin’s honor. Kevin and his family will be notified of the contribution made in his name. Thanks for your support in this worthy cause. I realize many of you do not know Kevin, but trust me; he is truly a remarkable person. Maybe Kevin or I will be the future doctors who will discover the cure for this life threatening disease!


Adam (606) 584-1140