The Election

The election is over, the people have spoken–or, at least, a little over half of them.

Now let’s really begin to fight the Culture War, in earnest.

A little over half the country (the Christian Bigots and Evan-idiots who voted for Bush) believes that bigotry toward gays is a good idea–that we ought to encapsulate this bigotry in a Constitutional Amendment (though we might have to amend or forego the 14th Amendment in the process).

A little over half the county believes that pre-emptive war is a good idea–that invading a country on false pretences is a perfectly moral thing to do. (Have they read the New Testament recently?)

A little over half the country believes that the separation between Church and State-a principal we supposedly fought to break down in Afghanistan–is a good idea. In other words, a little over half the country believes that an American Taliban is a pretty good model of how to run a country.

Finally, a little over half the country believes that the poor, instead of having their boats raised, ought to have them sunk, permanently.

To agree with the President’s plea that we should “heal” is capitulation in a war that we cannot afford to lose.

It’s up to those who stand for Democracy–as opposed to Theocracy and its corollary, Arrogance–to take this battle to the streets.

Matt Birkenhauer Lecturer, Grant County Center (859) 824-3600