Response to Joel Allen’s letter this week – Defence of Homosexuality is a stretch

Dear Editor, I just wanted to make a couple of comments about Joel Allen’s letter last week (Defense of homosexuality is a stretch). Joel asserts that he is capable of accepting homosexuals as human beings with human emotions and opinions. Yet, in response to an article opposing legalized discrimination against homosexuals, he makes no mention of the last week’s election Articles and Issues. Rather than demonstrating his self-declared acceptance of homosexuals (perhaps by stating that even though he does not agree with some aspects of their private life he respects – and will vote to protect – their rights), Joel prefers to proselytize about what he believes. Joel believes that homosexuality is “as much choice as religion or politics.” On the other hand, people who’ve spend years studying homosexuality – gathering data, analyzing it, and coming to conclusions based upon empirical evidence – reckon it’s down to some intricate mix of genetics, biology, psychological and social factors. I’m sure Joel, as a math major, can appreciate the value of statistically thorough methods of inquiry. Therefore, I’m sure he can respect my belief that the guys/girls in white coats have more authority than him on this subject. And by the way, I take it that Joel has chosen to lead a heterosexual lifestyle and I’d just like to state for the record: I’m o.k. with that.

All the best, Aisling Callaghan, Math major