Solo Issue 1 review

Solo is a new bimonthly series that takes a well-known artist each issue and teams him or her up with some of the top writers. They are free to choose which characters they want to feature in an anthology of short stories.

In issue one, Sale collaborates with Darwyn Cooke (Catwoman, DC: New Frontier) on an unusual love tale that has Batman chasing Catwoman all throughout Gotham City.

Sale works with his all too familiar cohort Jeph Loeb on a Superman story that shows a young Clark Kent whose superpowers can’t solve one of his biggest puzzles- love.

Sale also partners with Diana Schutz on a romance tale between Supergirl and her first love, a crime drama with Superman writer Brian Azzarello and he scribes to works of his own.

The Solo series is a unique idea that works well. It pairs up artists and writers who may not work with one another otherwise, and allows them to create short stories that wouldn’t fit into a character’s regular, monthly series.