Defense of homosexuality is a stretch

Dear Editor,

After reading the column “Homosexuals cannot be denied rights” by Josh Blair, I couldn’t explain how I felt when the writer took unbelievable measures to state his opinion.

I do not agree with the lifestyle that is chosen by homosexuals, but I am mature enough to accept them as human beings with human emotions, just as they should accept me with my opinions as well.

I would like to clear up the misunderstanding that was given of the Bible, or “trump-card.” The Bible is written as guidelines inspired by God for the people on Earth. The reason the Bible exists is not to condemn people when they sin, but it is a warning when people do sin. For example, the Bible says, “don’t steal;” is this because God wants everything to be fair and for people to own what they achieve? Maybe, but the real reason that the Bible warns us of that is to tell us that when this sin occurs, there will be consequences to deal with not from Him, but from man. The Bible is not written for God or Christianity, it is written for mankind as a formula card or “cheat sheet.”

The Bible says “honor the Sabbath day” as the article said, once again to make sure people get a day off in the week to rest. If God is all-powerful, he doesn’t need that one specific day for people to worship him, he just wants people to take a day off and rest in him. So don’t worry, you can rake your leaves on Sunday.

I would also like to clear up the statement that said, “Homosexuality is as much of a choice as race or gender.” I believe that homosexuality is as much choice as religion, politics, or even whom you are going to marry. You are not born a Christian or Republican. You make this choice later in life and you make it based on influences that your environments place on you.

Even though no one will admit it, your environment will make decisions for you. If you don’t believe me, take a sociology class. How many people do you know are the religion they are because of their parents? How many people are Democratic or Republican because of their parents? Have you ever seen a die-hard country music fan at a Sum 41 concert? My point is that people’s environment influences people’s beliefs. They are not born that way.

I respect the author’s opinion and position in this controversial topic, but I do believe that I’m entitled to disagree with some comments that were made in this column. These concepts that I’ve stated are my beliefs and I wish that they would be respected as well from the author as they are the beliefs of many other people on campus.

Joel Allen Sophomore, math