Davis qualified for Congress

With an open seat in the House of Representatives, Nov. 2 is an important day this year for Kentuckians residing in the 4th District. There are two distinct candidates vying for the spot, but one candidate doesn’t want you to think so.

On one hand, there’s fiscal conservative Geoff Davis, who attended West Point after making ends meet during high school by working as a janitor. He served as an Army Ranger and went to the Middle East after being selected to run the U.S. Army Flight Operations for a peace enforcement mission between Israel and Egypt.

Davis has started his own company and has been a successful manager of his own money. Anti-abortion, he also supports tax deductions for those paying for their own health care and wants to keep recent tax cuts in place. Moreover, Davis will support our troops in combat.

He has campaigned on these issues and his position is clear.

On the other hand, you have Nick Clooney, an out-of-touch liberal broadcaster who hasn’t had to work very hard for a living. Though a veteran, not much information can be found out about his army service.

Although Clooney grew up in Kentucky, his attitude seems more Hollywood than Kentucky son. Actors are known to drop into Clooney’s fund-raising events and donate money, and Clooney himself keeps his name in the papers by writing articles for the free press. He would like you to think he is more or less the same as Davis, and if you saw the ads for Clooney you might agree – it could seem like we have two Republicans running for office.

The truth, though, is that Clooney is as liberal as the Hollywood actors who donate to his campaign.

While Ken Lucas, a Democrat, might have won this district, he was far more moderate than Clooney, and he had spent considerable time as a Judge Executive – that is a qualification, Mr. Clooney, not working for a television station.

Clooney says he does not support raising taxes, but he was quoted multiple times saying that he has a revolutionary idea to save Social Security. How will he do that? By proposing the largest tax increase in history.

Do I sound bitter? If I do, it’s because I am. The 4th District has a large conservative base and Clooney is attempting to play to those voters, because he knows their votes are vital ones.

Yet this is coming from the man who has proposed the single largest tax increase in history, a man who doesn’t share much in common with the conservative voters he targets.

Clooney shares our “values” all right, but he only sees us as dollar signs.