Cast vote to protect gay marriage

KRT Campus

This year, we have the opportunity to actually make a difference in people’s lives.

The House of Representatives and the Senate both voted down an amendment to the Constitution forbidding homosexuals to marry. The federal government has now handed responsibility to the states, and the states have given the responsibility to us, the voters.

On Nov. 2, Ohio and Kentucky, as well as other states nationwide, will vote on defining marriage. Issue 1 on Kentucky and Ohio ballots, if passed, will take away the rights of citizens of the United States.

Homosexuals will no longer be able to marry or be a part of civil unions, and present civil unions will be void. This means that homosexual couples that have been living together for years now, many raising children, will have their living income stretched farther.

A problem included with the amendment is that marriage provides federal and state run benefits to couples. By banning homosexuals from these benefits, we are oppressing their rights to live as freely as any other American.

By voting no on Issue 1, we make the nation a better place to live for everyone. By not banning civil unions, we prevent a segregated and divided future.

Voting no on Issue 1 will not take the rights away from heterosexual couples, but it will extend the rights of some to the rest of the citizens of the United States of America. After all, homosexuals hold jobs, go to school, pay taxes, raise families and are a part of this country.

Vote no on Issue 1 because homosexuals and heterosexuals alike stand together as a part of this country. Together we will make the nation equal for future generations, but first we must make it equal in our generation.

This year when you go to the polls, vote for humanity, vote for family, vote no on Issue 1.